How do I know you won't 'inflate' a price above what the current real estate market is depicting, and try to get me to accept a lower offer than I want?

As experienced real estate agent , we will from our first meeting, guide you through current and past real estate sales in Yeppoon and local Areas,  to enable us all to be upfront and knowledgeable about current market conditions. We will provide buyer expectations at certain price points so that you are fully prepared to enter the real estate market at a price which will assist in attracting your best buyer....the buyer who truly appreciates the $ value of your home …and pays accordingly, without protracted negotiations.

Why does marketing cost so much when I want to sell?

As consumers we know that we purchase items that we have seen marketed on social media, newspapers, Television, signage etc, all of this is a cost to the producers and mediums, however we believe, (and have proven), that our simple, significant real estate marketing platform is progressive, aggressive and cost-effective for home sellers.

When I sell my home do I have to have open homes?

As professional real estate agents we value your privacy and assure you we will always ensure your interests are safeguarded. Set open home times will be promoted, (in all Real Estate Portals and EXP Australia and our real estate agent website (, assisting you in your home preparation with less stress of last-minute inspections.

While we promote open homes to invite home buyers, some home buyers may not be comfortable at open homes and/or unable to attend in the time frame, we will also conduct private viewings on your behalf. 

Last time I tried to sell, the real estate agent never communicated to me and I felt like I was an intrusion each time I tried to call him, can you guarantee to keep me informed all the time.

As professional real estate agents our exclusive 'Guarantee of Service' outlines all of our marketing and staging consultancy and services including thorough communication and follow up.
Our mission is to create a very satisfying and sustainable home sale for you, it's about your story and assisting you to move on to enjoy your next story.