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CHRISTINE NORRIS Lic Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.
As our world is rapidly changing, and technology takes over from ‘service and skills’ experience is an essential ingredient for success.

I remain committed to ‘stand by my reputation’
In my ‘past’ life I was known as ‘the widely unknown’ successful agent in Australia, I proudly assisted over 5,300 home sellers during my career.
I sincerely thank my clients for their trust and their loyalty.
My emphasis, (as before), is on providing a professional edge and an ethical, credible image.

It is my belief:
If you know the market, know how to ‘attract and target’ the right buyer (the buyer who appreciates the many $value benefits of a home, and pays accordingly), then a successful, satisfying, sustainable sale is guaranteed for all involved."

I particularly excel at calling Auctions, (one of only a handful of female auctioneers in Australia), for my clients and I relishe the enthusiastic response I receives from both home sellers and buyers.

You could say I ‘live and breathe‘ real estate.
As many state:
”Getting to know Christine, realising you really like her, then discovering you can trust her, makes for a very satisfying sale”
For your personal and private chat about any concerns you have, or have had in the past when selling,
call 0408 405 851.
My Promise:
You will never feel alone in your next real estate journey.
Recipient of over 150 Industry Awards

 - Christine Norris  image